The Gilded Rose Kata

Most coding katas give you the description of a problem and maybe some other goals to make it more interesting. The Gilded Rose, however, starts by giving you some code, and it isn't clean code by the way. The poor quality of the code is part of the challenge.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to clean the code up. 


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What To Expect

automated testing@2x-8

Automated Testing

Practice creating automated tests for code that was written without them. Experience the efficiency gained from spending less time in the debugger.
design patters@2x-8

Design Patterns

Learn how to refactor code into common design patterns such as Factory Method, Null Object, Strategy, and more.

Design Principles

Learn how to objectively discuss the merits of a design and how it impacts the ability to add or change code.
refactoring tech@2x-8

Refactoring Techniques

Learn to tame difficult code using techniques like Extract Method,
Extract Interface, and more. Start taking advantage of more IDE features.
pair programming@2x-8

Pair Programming

Experience pair programming and discover the benefits of someone maintaining a larger perspective while you are narrowly focused on the problem at hand.

And More

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About the Course

This course takes a full day to explore the Gilded Rose Kata. It includes demonstrations of Agile software development patterns, principles, and practices that can be repeated multiple times, in many different tech stacks, to increase developer effectiveness. After each demonstration, participants will get to try out the techniques using the programming language and tools of their choice, guided by the instructor. The course provides coaching on taking code that is difficult to understand and transforming it into code that is readable and easy to build new features upon. Participants will also get the opportunity to try out extreme programming practices like test-driven development and pair programming.



Date: June 27th, 2019

Time: 9am - 5pm

Location: Innovation Depot : Training Room

Course Price: $500    $400* 

 *20% off through June 17th

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Jason Pike

Software Development Coach

Sigao Studios

About the Instructor

Jason Pike is an Agile software development enthusiast and coach. In addition to more than a decade of programming experience, he has built, trained, and managed multiple Agile software development teams, helped them scale up and down, and worked with them to continuously improve quality and efficiency. Jason seeks to bridge the gap between academia and pragmatism to help teams and individuals get great software to market quickly. Contact him if you are interested in learning about test-driven development, CI/CD, pair programming, object-oriented design patterns and principles, code metrics, code review, and other Agile development topics.
My experience with Gilded Rose has been one of the most effective, interactive exercises in refactoring ugly code into scalable, OO-conforming code so far in my career, and Jason's instruction throughout the process was critical in cementing knowledge, fostering a wholistic understanding of the requisite design patterns, and more generally maturing my ability to develop clean, pragmatic solutions to everyday problems.

Mitch Newell, Software Engineer

Atlas RFID Solutions

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